Welcome to my new blog

So many moons ago, I set up a little old Wordpress site which lived at saintchubs.com. Although my intentions were good, the number of items I posted were few and far between.

As with most blogs, the majority of the posts were more for my benefit than others, with little snippets and links to other peoples blogs. Writing these were useful to help the knowledge sink in, but in most cases I never referred back to them, and never saw many people directed to them from Google.

For a while I didn't like writing too many articles, as Imposter Syndrome gripped me, thinking that anything I wrote would be second hand news, and not worth a reader's time. Now, I'm a little older, a little wiser and have a bit more experience under my belt, so I've decided to start again. I've got myself a new twitter/github/linkedin handle and a new domain and it's time to write some original content.

I'm going to set myself a target of writing two or three articles a month. This doesn't sound like much, but baring in mind my previous cadence averaged about 1.5 per year, this should be plenty for now.

Thanks very much for visiting my new site, and I hope that it helps you.