Configuring an IoC Container in a MAUI app

Want to use an IoC container in a .NET MAUI app? Here I demonstrate how we can use the Configure the Container from the MauiProgram.cs


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Icons Made Easy for .NET MAUI App Actions

App Actions allow developers to add shortcuts to an App's launch icon to invoke custom functionality or deep link into the app. AppActions.Icons.Maui provides developers with a set of Icons you can easily add to an AppAction.


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Open Xamarin Forms WebView links in external browser

Sometimes you'll use WebView to display a block of HTML in your app, but don't want users to navigate away if they click a link in the content. Here we show how to add a simple Custom Behavior to the WebView to intercept the navigation and launch an external browser instead.


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Set ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT in web.config using .NET Core CLI

In an ideal world, your lovely ASP Core application would be hosted in its own container in a sandboxed environment and separating Environmental Variables for different apps would be trivial. In the real world things are sometimes a bit muddier. Problem: Allow multiple ASP.NET Core apps to run in


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How to focus on another field when user presses Return in a Xamarin Forms app

Whilst most people are familiar with the concept of pressing the tab key to allow users to move between fields on a Desktop or Web form, the same isn't as true for mobile devices. A more useable flow for Mobile Users is to jump to the next field when a user presses enter on the keyboard.


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Adding static shortcuts to your app

Using my AppShortcuts plugin, you can add Dynamic shortcuts to your Xamarin Apps. Android and iOS also provide Static shortcuts which require much less code and can be useful in certain scenarios. Learn how to add Static shortcuts to your Xamarin Forms iOS or Android apps.


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Aden Earnshaw

Hi, I'm Aden, a .Net dev from the north of England. I try and build apps but sometimes give up and play guitar instead.

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