Building a TimePipe in Angular

Angular's DatePipe does a great job of formatting Date strings or objects into specified formats, however, if you want to pass in a time string like "09:00" you're out of luck. Here's a Pipe which extends the standard DatePipe in order to provide that functionality.

25/07/2018 20:50

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Power up your Terminal

Get all the goodness of PoshGit from within your Terminal along with a few other helpful features

10/06/2018 07:04

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Welcome to my new blog

Life's getting on a bit, so I thought I'd better fire up the ol' blog again.

08/05/2018 06:59

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Using a custom font in Xamarin Forms Entry Placeholder

By default, Xamarin Forms will assign an Entry's placeholder the same font as its text, however you may need to override it. Using custom renderers, we can override this to give you the desired effect.

26/03/2018 22:11

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Using a Grid ItemsPanel with a DataTemplateSelector

Trying to assign items in a list to columns and rows within an ItemsControl with a Grid can throw up some issues. Here we look into a couple of ways of solving the problems, including how to deal with setting an items position when a DataTemplateSelector is required.

07/09/2015 21:05

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Replicating TargetNullValue in Windows8

There are times in this world when using binding statements, that you want to specify a default value for a property if the result provided is null.

28/07/2012 17:39

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Aden Earnshaw

Hi, I'm Aden, a .Net dev from the north of England. I try and build apps but sometimes give up and play guitar instead.

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