Utilising Autofill in an Xamarin Forms Android App

With the introduction of Oreo, Android announced a new feature called Autofill which allows form elements to be supplied with user data from system wide data providers. Learn how to take advantage of this within your own Xamarin Forms apps by creating a Platform Specific Effect which can set the flag on the underlying Control.

02/09/2018 00:29

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Adding shortcuts to your app's icon

As developers, we can take advantage of App Shortcuts to provide users with quick actions into our apps that enhance the UX. pp shortcuts can be static, where they're declared as part of the app's manifest, or can be added dynamically through code. Learn how to add App Shortcuts in a Xamarin Forms app, using the AppShortcuts Plugin.

30/08/2018 01:39

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Animation in an Angular app

Animations providing they are done right are an essential part of a good UX. Although CSS3 provides a rich animation library to suit most needs, Angular enriches this with its own api to provide a extensive array of effects. Here is a demonstration of how you can use both Angular and CSS animations to animate a hamburger menu containing a dynamic list of menu items.

28/08/2018 13:48

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Building a TimePipe in Angular

Angular's DatePipe does a great job of formatting Date strings or objects into specified formats, however, if you want to pass in a time string like "09:00" you're out of luck. Here's a Pipe which extends the standard DatePipe in order to provide that functionality.

25/07/2018 20:50

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Power up your Terminal

Get all the goodness of PoshGit from within your Terminal along with a few other helpful features

10/06/2018 07:04

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Welcome to my new blog

Life's getting on a bit, so I thought I'd better fire up the ol' blog again.

08/05/2018 06:59

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Aden Earnshaw

Hi, I'm Aden, a .Net dev from the north of England. I try and build apps but sometimes give up and play guitar instead.

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