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Using a Grid ItemsPanel with a DataTemplateSelector

Trying to assign items in a list to columns and rows within an ItemsControl with a Grid can throw up some issues. Here we look into a couple of ways of solving the problems, including how to deal with setting an items position when a DataTemplateSelector is required.


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Replicating TargetNullValue in Windows8

There are times in this world when using binding statements, that you want to specify a default value for a property if the result provided is null.


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Panorama Backgrounds & Minimised AppBars

Before the Mango update, Windows Phone developers were advised against using the application bar with a Panorama control. This was somewhat changed with the Mango which includes a new minimized mode for the application bar. This mode can be accessed using the Mode-property of the application bar.


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Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone in the UK

The Microsoft Advertising SDK was only available in the US for the initial Windows Phone launch. With the release of Mango however, 11 additional countries were added including the UK.


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HD7 and Window Phone 7: Glance & Go or Hit & Miss?

The release of Window Phone 7 encroached, something that even when purchasing the iPhone I knew looked good. So here we are, Friday morning, nice and early I walked into O2 and purchased myself a HD7, HD2’s younger more athletic brother.


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