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Icons Made Easy for .NET MAUI App Actions

App Actions allow developers to add shortcuts to an App's launch icon to invoke custom functionality or deep link into the app. AppActions.Icons.Maui provides developers with a set of Icons you can easily add to an AppAction.


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How to focus on another field when user presses Return in a Xamarin Forms app

Whilst most people are familiar with the concept of pressing the tab key to allow users to move between fields on a Desktop or Web form, the same isn't as true for mobile devices. A more useable flow for Mobile Users is to jump to the next field when a user presses enter on the keyboard.


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Adding shortcuts to your app's icon

App Shortcuts provide users with quick actions into our apps that enhance the UX. They can be static, where they're declared as part of the app's manifest, or can be added dynamically through code. Learn how to add App Shortcuts in a Xamarin Forms app, using the AppShortcuts Plugin.


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Using a Grid ItemsPanel with a DataTemplateSelector

Trying to assign items in a list to columns and rows within an ItemsControl with a Grid can throw up some issues. Here we look into a couple of ways of solving the problems, including how to deal with setting an items position when a DataTemplateSelector is required.


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Replicating TargetNullValue in Windows8

There are times in this world when using binding statements, that you want to specify a default value for a property if the result provided is null.


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